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 An adult walrus can weigh more than 2,000 kilograms. Many human beings must feel similar emotional weight on their shoulders in this day & age - solid as iron and heavy as a walrus.

 IRON WALRUS perfectly capture these feelings in tunes that are ranging somewhere in between stoner, sludge and metal with a healthy portion of doom and noisecore. 

Their three albums so far showcase their ability to provide slow-paced, catchy mid-tempo riffs, wich doom appearance is supported by powerful drums and relentlessly deep vocals. 

This gives their songs a lot of depth as well as a crushing brutality. But IRON WALRUS don’t just roll slowly over the listener, they also know when to press the

 tempo pedal down in spot-on doses, without ever losing their enormous groove.  The German band from Osnabrück (Lower Saxony) is a strong live force, that has crushed stages during their tours

 with EYEHATEGOD (2023), COVEN (2022), KHEMMIS (2019), ROOTS (Max & Igorr Cavalera/2018) and CROWBAR (2015/2016) and during their shows in support of 

HATEBREED, PENTAGRAM, MANTAR, ST.VITUS, TORCHE, SODOM, OBITUARY (and many more), as well as during their festival appearances at the „Rockavaria Festival“(Munich/Olympia Stadium/w/SLAYER, GHOST & IRON MAIDEN),

 the „Desertfest London“, „Stoned From The Underground“ (twice) and two times on europeans biggest Doom-Festival „Hammer Of Doom“ (2019 & 2022). Fans and press relatives were likewise impressed and spread the word to 

an ever-growing fanbase. The German ROCK HARD magazine cited „IRON WALRUS are the kings of choruses“ while DEAF FOREVER described the five-piece as „Apocalyptic border crossers between doom, sludge and metal“.

 Now it’s time for IRON WALRUS to present their new album „Tales Never Told“. For this release, they teamed up with APOSTASY RECORDS (Crisix, Night In Gales, Nailed To Obscurity etc.) to make sure that these tales

 don’t stay untold. A new musical heavy weight is about to see the light of day. Now here are a few words from influential musicians of the scene who have already heard the new album:


JIMMY BOWER (Down, EyeHateGod, Crowbar)

"Brutal pounding heavy riffs with monstrous vocals that would scare any child! 

Love the guitar tone! Reminds me of "Only Living Witness" and „Entombed", if you’re cool you’ll buy this record!

MAIK WEICHERT (Heaven Shall Burn)

„My first week with the album in the car brought me two speeding tickets and the irrevocable decision to finally buy that fat rear spoiler.“


MARC GREWE (Morgoth, Asinhell, Carnal Ghoul)

Iron Walrus deliver a great mix of sludgy doom spiced with catchy Melodies and a vocalist that definitely sticks out… 

looking really forward to this … especially „live“ this will be a pleasure to slow-bang your head to🤘!! 

HUSKY (Sodom, Asphyx)

„What a doom hammer! Heavy, dark and sloooow. Iron Walrus bulldozing everything to the ground with the new album!

Well done guys !!


STEVE CAMPBELL  (The Exploited)

I saw them live for the first time in the summer of 2022 at the „TuRock Open Air“. I lost the few hairs I had at the gig. What a blast! I devoured their

Discography and now they come with such a huge ass kicking album that will bring many scenes together. Respect guys!

New Single/Video: